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Reiki is pronounced "ree-ki" (Japanese "rei" = inexhaustible energy of the universe, "ki" = personal life energy) and is a Japaneseform of energetic healing by laying on of hands. The Reiki master or teacher transmits the universal life energy - which is also called Reiki - by touching the patient. Illness and stress arise according to the Reiki philosophy in that the connection of a person with the "universal life energy" is blocked, for example by long suppressed feelings.  The Reiki concept includes the view that the life energy flows only where there is a need. Likewise, "too much" energy can not betransferred from the Reiki master to the receiver, as it only consumes as much energy as is actually needed. The more energy that flows in a treatment, the greater is the blockage or energy poverty of the corresponding energy field. In addition, Reiki usersbelieve that the Master's energy is never transmitted, but merely opens a channel for the patient to receive the life energy again.