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Connective Tissue Massage

This massage directly affects the blood flow through the connective tissue and thus replenishes them with nourishment. Your skin will look more beautiful, your connective tissues will be more flexible, soft and healthy, thus indirectly improving the functioning of your internal organs.

By slowly stretching, rolling and pinching of the skin with the fingertips, pressure and pulling are applied to the connective tissues beneath the skin. This loosens up blockages and removes pollutants (slag, toxins and acid products). The skin, the connective tissue and the muscles relax and your internal circulation is activated and influenced positively. A positive side effect is a more effective immune system and a finely balanced hormone system. The autonomic nervous system is stabilized and strengthened.
We recommend combining this somewhat painful but very effective therapy with a conventional massage.

Spreading it out over 3-6 treatments is also recommended.

Health insurance.